**Shrimp Art Festival - Omaha Nebraska USA 2019**

 ** Please note, Event Passes (with VIP seating and evening meal) will be available by pre-order only so we can get your name on the guest list and have an accurate count of attendees for the private dinner, seating, signed posters etc. Standard event passes (without VIP seating and evening meal) are available at the door


This takes place at Millard American Legion Post 374 13913 S St, Omaha, NE 68137

Home-breeders are invited to trade their shrimp, offspring or other aquatics and let their best stuff shine in our Shrimp Art Exhibition. The best entries will be awarded as well the 'Grand Champion' will be elected.

At our held breeder convention we workout and discuss important topics around breeding shrimps.
Our referrers drop interesting personal experience and a DIY-workshop will be offered also.

Mainly we hope to have a shrimp fun weekend all together while we do a party in the evening as well beside all that, crazy near to 100% shrimp stuff in a rustic, friendly atmosphere.

More detailed info about each point will drop with time.

Festival Program
11:00 AM Jerry Asper Festival opening
Shrimp exhibition
Swap & sell market and Exhibition (Open to the public 11am-5pm - $5 per person at the door)
2:00 PM Michael Esposito talks about his personal experiences with the shrimp hobby and gives valuable tips and tricks for newcomers
3:00 PM Monika Pöhler talks about the shrimp exhibits
4:00 PM German facility engineer Michael Hansjürgens shows how to build an air loop for multiple tank filtration
5:00 PM public exclusion
6:00 PM Kevin Calhoun Announcement of the award winners, followed by dinner and celebration
11:00 AM Jerry Asper Evaluation of the Grand Champion
12:00 AM Erik Lucas lecture about shrimp grading
1:00 PM Ray Haas lecture about entry level beginning of selection to improve shrimps. Practical ways to separate shrimps, identifying traits which to work with
3:00 PM Breeder convention leaded by Monika Pöhler, moderated by Shawna Calhoun, Michael Esposito, Erik Lucas, Ray Haas and Kevin Calhoun
5:00 PM end of event




Kevin Calhoun
Mentor & Jury

Shawna Calhoun
Photographer & Moderator

Ray Haas
Mentor, Photographer & Moderator

Erik Lucas
Mentor & Moderator

Mike Esposito
Mentor & Moderator

Jerry Asper
Local host & Organizer

Monika Pöhler
Concept & Organizer