Shrimp Art Festival - 2 day 'VIP Exhibitor Pass' (*Includes Saturday dinner, 1 free exhibit/contest entry, signed Shrimp Art Poster)

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** Please note, Event Passes (with VIP seating and evening meal) will be available by pre-order only so we can get your name on the guest list and have an accurate count of attendees for the private dinner, seating, signed posters etc. Standard Event Passes will be available at the door (does not include VIP seating or evening meal)
The 2 day Event Exhibitor Pass (*Includes Saturday dinner, 1 free exhibit/contest entry, signed Shrimp Art Poster)
Festival Program
11:00 AM Jerry Asper Festival opening
Shrimp exhibition
Swap & sell market (Open to the public 11am-5pm - $5 per person at the door)
2:00 PM Michael Esposito talks about his personal experiences with the shrimp hobby and gives valuable tips and tricks for newcomers
3:00 PM Monika Pöhler talks about the shrimp exhibits
4:00 PM German facility engineer Michael Hansjürgens shows how to build an air loop for multiple tank filtration
5:00 PM public exclusion
6:00 PM Kevin Calhoun Announcement of the award winners, followed by dinner and celebration
11:00 AM Jerry Asper Evaluation of the Grand Champion
12:00 AM Erik Lucas lectures about shrimp grading
1:00 PM Ray Haas lectures about entry level beginning of selection to improve shrimps. Practical ways to separate shrimps, identifying traits which to work with
3:00 PM Breeder convention leaded by Monika Pöhler, moderated by Shawna Calhoun, Michael Esposito, Erik Lucas, Ray Haas and Kevin Calhoun
5:00 PM end of event

Shrimp Festival Exhibition Info and Rules
The Shrimp Art Festival exhibition wishes to display a good range of home-bred Caridina shrimp types to show off of our pride to the public. Of those, the best entries will be awarded by our independent jury. They watch out for quality criteria such as appearance , health/size, aim progression and sustainable potential. Finally the 'Grand Champion' will be elected.
Everybody is welcome.
*We accept three entries maximum per person. The entry fee is $20 per group. Please use the entry form for each group and if you may give us some detailed info about your shrimps, this will be helpful for as best assessment as possible.
Entries are accepted in their order of arrival. The registration page will be removed as soon as the maximum number of possible show group entries has been reached.
One group of shrimp consists of between 4 and 5 shrimp. If there are more or less in a group, they won't be within the awarding process but will be exhibited. A minimum size of 1.8 cm for the shrimp is required also.
Each participant is responsible for arranging the arrival and retrieval of their shrimp groups. You may bring us your shrimp in person until Friday 5 PM. Please make sure the transport box with bags is handed to one of the organizing members.
*We will also accept shipped shrimp at the following address beginning Wednesday August 21th -
Shrimp Boutique
14706 Weir St
Omaha, Nebraska 68137
  *We can ship shrimp entries back for those who are unable to attend in person. Please include a return shipping label with your entry, thanks!
   The organizing committee and team members handle with care but are not responsible for any loss, illness or failure of shrimp during transportation or during the exhibition period. Losses are going to be tracked and can be presented if requested.
  Contestants must ensure adequate and proper packaging of shrimps with each show group entry packed separately in transport bags. The transport bag must be marked with the following details: Type, sub-type and amount.
**Do not write your name on the bags, write it only on the package exterior or include a letter with your name and address inside your box.
There will be shipping boxes, styrofoam liners and breather bags available at the event for a small fee