Safari Tiger 'Fancy Red' (Silver Grade)

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Safari 'Fancy Red Tiger' Shrimp (Silver Grade) Developed and bred by Monika Pöhler of Germany (Shrimp Art). This group is offspring of the same colony that took 2nd place in both European International Contests in December 2017. *Includes 1 hand made Silver 'Shrimp Art' Serial Numbered identity Coin if you order 3 or more. 


--These are home bred and are kept and bred at Shrimp Boutique using RODI water and Salty Shrimp GH+

GH 4-6

KH 0-1

PH 6.0-6.8

TDS 100-150

Temps 65F-76F


Grade: silver

Color:    red & white

Pattern: Very nice red characteristic tiger stripes with white pattern also 

Silver grades have higher graded parents and highly probably will have high(er) grades in their offspring again.