OEBT (Orange Eye Blue Tiger) - unsexed juvies

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OEBT (Orange Eye Blue Tiger) shrimp. Unsexed juvies 1/4". German strain - (Shrimp Art). Very hardy and easy to keep and breed. These are kept in 'Neo' type parameters. This strain throws a very high percentage of Blues, very few culls. (example of parent stock pictured)


These are home bred at Shrimp Boutique and we exclusively use RODI water and Salty Shrimp remineralizer

Our parameters -

GH 8-12 

KH 4-8 

PH 7.0-7.6 

TDS 180-225 ppm

Temps 65F-74F


Suitable parameters -

GH 4-12 

KH 0-8 

PH 6.0-7.6 

TDS 100-225 ppm

Temps 65F-74F